I know this new site is not finished, but yesterday I put it online anyway. So many families must feel the same way. Even though we are not ready, this virus doesn’t care, and we must do the best of what we can to help, in any way we can.

Many parents are not ready, but must choose to either send their kids to school, or find a way to use the internet as a resource center to discover what can be done about education now. Ready or not, this is where we are. Teachers around the world wonder, but many of them are willing to show up one way or another, and very many turn to the internet. September is the traditional time in the USA for schools to open their doors. So here we are, ready or not.

I always felt a certain way around Labor Day, whether I was teaching at a public school, a Waldorf school, in a Montessori school, a Buddhist school, or in one of my own little schools.

This year, the choice is not clear for anyone, and everyone is holding their breath to see how it goes. We have never had a fall like this before.

I decided to put my new website up by Labor Day. Retirement was never for me, and certainly not now. So, although not everything is connected, and I doubt if everything will ever be perfect, I put online. I want it to inspire and be encouraging to use as an education guide and/or to enrich any education style. My old site has been online for two decades, and I just had it updated. Some of my ebooks are still available on it as well as musical instruments and books.

I will continue to work on this website to the best of my ability. I had html help with zhs, but this new one is just me at home laying low and writing curriculum guides and education essays. After so many years of teaching, and being so lucky finding exceptional spiritual teachers to study with for so long, there is no way I would not try to find more ways to share some of it, especially in this crisis. Ready or not, both my websites have their doors open.

Keep shining, dh

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