Model Mindfulness

If you live on the west coast USA, I hope you and your family are safe from the forest fires. If you live in a country that is trying to survive the pandemic, I hope you and your family is doing everything possible to be safe. If you have been devastated from the related economic

crisis, I hope you get what ever help you need. Everyone in the world is now facing the global warming that is measureable. So, we have many simultaneous crises, and that is not even considering any normal personal problems or tragedies. So, it is reasonable to consider this is a very hard time in our collective history.

Children and younger people are watching how we handle such stress. Here's a rule of thumb to remember. Be honest and kind. If you feel like crying, cry. If you do not know how things will work out, say so, but don't say too much. Children want the bottom line they can understand. Include them in your honest feelings, but not any drama. Take time to be with yourself and get clear. Children are not the ones adults need to "discharge," or vent, or rage with. Adults need steady best friends or therapists to let loose. Not children. Just be clear, simple, and above all, mindful. If possible, stay composed, even if you have to find a way to share bad news. Be real, without drama. Be honest and kind.

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