PSB is a wonderful homeschooling and supplemental resource for all families and teachers helping children navigate through this pandemic without having to suffer setbacks in their good education.

While everyone is familiar with its regular brilliant kids programs, pbs now has rich sections for parents and teachers for quality projects/education at home. I have always loved their overall high standards, (as well as their many purely entertaining shows,) that their educational documentaries and specials bring to the public. PBS is at the top of the list of service organization for America. ( In my opinion anyway. I am tempted to put pbs after my name…Deb Huntley MA, PBS:) The others on the list of great services would include the public libraries, pubic health organizations, our voting agencies, and all public minded non-profits.

On there are two “learn at home” sections on their Home page:

For Parents, activities for children 2-8 years.

For Teachers K— 12.

All of these PBS programs and tips are written with good will, highly insightful and knowing ways. The staff and writers of these inventive programs are really mindful. I love them. There must be some of the best of the best working there. dh

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