Have you made a safe bubble of friends to visit with during this pandemic? And do your children have peers to see safely too? We all need a bubble or two at this time. It is just too hard without others in our lives, even with zoom.

The definition of a bubble of friends is a small group that agrees to do everything possible to stay virus free. The bubbles promise to use masks in public, maintain safe distancing in public, washes hands frequently and avoids larger groups of people. And of course, when ever there is an exposure to someone testing positive, notification, tracking, and if necessary, testing and isolation. All scientific medical advice must be understood and followed. This is a must.

A bubble of friends would be a small number of people of probably 2-4 or less, who meet outdoors when possible, wears masks, maintains distancing, and avoids touching. Children four or five could probably manage to keep a mask on for a short time, and older children longer times.

The main idea of a bubble is to have a small circle of people that you trust and enjoy being with for short amounts of time… just enough time that is heart and head healthy for everyone. It is a human need to socialize, and during this pandemic it is necessary to stay mentally and emotionally as healthy as possible while we all get through this together.

For conversation, study, and walks, bubbles could meet up regularly. For children, shorter times are probably better, but even once or twice a week would make a big difference in this difficult stretch of spiking virus numbers. If it gets worse, zoom is a godsend, and we can make plans for when new cases go way down. Stay safe. That’s the most important thing.


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