Be Like Ruth

This is the day after US Supreme Court Justice RBG died. It is a huge thump in the heart to hear that. She was such a hero to women’s rights, human rights, and cilvil rights. I hope we can pause, take a good look at our culture, and then continue to fight to make it better for everyone.

Part of the work of a clear-eyed open hearted person, is to provide the new generations with the real histories of people of color in the United States. The painful truth of the white supremacism view has been here from the start. White Europeans took over as much land as they could take away from the indigenous people that already lived here before America was "discovered."

It is important to tell the truth of history. One wonderful book is Howard Zinn’s “ A Young People’s History of the United States.” I recommend reading it once completely first before giving it to a child. Then you will be ready for questions. And of course, if you still don’t know the answer, be honest and say so. Historian Howard Zinn has many books you might like to read yourself, and he’s written a set of six books for young people.

We need honesty in education. We need to know more of the truth so that we can have a bigger picture to build a better world for all beings.

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