All of us are beginning teachers.

No one has ever experienced living during a huge pandemic like the one we face now. The whole world is limited now, in everthing we thought was normal. No wonder schools, teachers, and parents everywhere are scrambling to find ways to cope, and to offer all children a good/rich education in spite of all the upsets. Well, we can still do many things to help education along.

Becoming more aware of our own actions, words, and feelings is a good place to start. We need to know how our own conditioned mind works, step aside, and know we are the one that is aware while our habitual thoughts come and go. We are not the thoughts, we are that which has the thoughts. When we see this, we have a better chance to make sense of our own responses to life. We can look at our own thoughts.

OK, here we are. It is a strange and chanllenging time for all of life. With this knowledge, we can imagine how children are taking in everthing happening: the pandemic, economic collapse in many places, climate change everywhere, racism being exposed, and sometimes erratic behavior by our leaders.

With this understanding, we adults can realize how important intelligent empathy and kindness can be in every situation. We can help each other by listening, understanding, and doing everything we can to support each other. Providing an education of decency, intelligence, and caring is a pretty big deal. Let's just do whatever we can. I'm betting on us. dh

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