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Mindfulness is the art of being present.

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Mindfulness  Curriculum  Teaching Children Ages:

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Education Influences 

Thich Nhat Hanh

Can be called the father of the current Mindfulness Movement. He developed most of his gentle, yet powerful mindfulness practices while the Vietnam War was raging in his homeland. In the 1990s, Deb had the opportunity to study and practice with him for six years at long retreats when he came to America and she visited his monastery in France.


Came to America as the guest of the Theosophical Society when he was a teenage Indian boy. At the time, some said he already glowed with wisdom. When he got older, he split with the society, turned away from spiritual titles and status, and founded his own schools. One school is in Ojai, CA, several schools in India, and a boarding school in Oxford, England. All of the schools are still going. Deb was fortunate to have had the opportunity to sit in his oak grove, and listen to him speak during several April visits to Ojai in the 70s. She didn't realize at the time, but he became one of her main influences of her life. He emphasized openmindeness and always seeing things for yourself.


From a brief meeting with Suzuki, Roshi in 1969 at his monestary in CA, to 2011 when Deb's last Buddhist teacher Joko Beck died in Prescott, AZ, she formally studied and practiced Tibetan and Zen Buddhism.

Holistic Education and Outdoor Education

During the 70s going to college in Ashland, Oregon, the university was a rich experience with several professors who had come up from Berkeley, Ca to teach. At the time, its education dept. was exploring Holistic Education, and with the science departmen it was creating Outdoor Education. They used to say, "What ever can be taught outside, teach it outside."

Personal Experience with being home schooled:

As an active tomboy, Deb fell out of a tree when she was 7. That resulted in staying home and a year in bed in traction, as well as  navigating on crutches for two years. At home, her mother took care of  her and suddenly became her teacher without any formal training at all. Her mother told her stories and showered her with kindness. She taught Deb to read and write. She also taught her problem solving, communication, and finding beauty in people, words, music, art, and nature.

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